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Alvino Rodrigues


I have acquired plenty of skills during my time in education & employment. With these skills, I bring you the following services that can help & assist your design needs.

Web Design

HTML/CSS coded websites to represent yourself and your movement.

Graphic Design

From promotional design to print work, I've got you covered.

Motion Graphics

Transform a digital graphic design piece into a smooth animation.

More about me


I was born in St. George's Hospital and have lived in the town of Tooting my whole life. After primary school, I had to commute via the London Transport buses to get to new places of education or workplace in such places as Wimbledon, Kingston and Epsom. Luckily it wasn't too hard to travel, however, it was costly for me and my parents.


Wimbledon College Wimbledon College (my secondary school) - where I did well in my GCSE’s overall, including a GCSE in Design & Technology: Graphic Design. From there on I knew what my goals were, I knew I had a passion for designing and it was time to dream big and pursue it.

Kingston College Applying for many colleges, I was accepted and chose to attend the next two years at Kingston College studying a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Graphic Design. During my time there I learnt so much about the real craft of design, making a variety of end products that simply fulfilled all the passions I had for Graphic Design, it felt good to be doing something that I really and truly cared about.

UCA I opted for the closer University for personal reasons, University for the Creative Arts in Epsom. Now, the course I went for was pretty bold of me I believe. Given that all design knowledge and experience I had wasn’t very interactive and technical so to speak. I was all about the poster designs, the branding, etc... Whereas, on this course you are pushed to explore and capture interactivity in a heavily technical and engaging end product.

What I do take away from this course is the technical ability I gained. Here I learned how to code fully functional websites with HTML+CSS, make good quality short films, how to film a stop-motion and animate. Make 3D models and make them part of a 3D environment. One attribute I progressed in was my ability to give presentations, whether it was a short and sweet pecha kucha or lengthier bit of babble, I was able to develop a good level of confidence and tone to really get my concepts across.

Qualifications & Experience


6 GCSE's including Maths, English Literature, English Language, Science Design & Technology: Graphic Design and Business Studies.

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma: Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Digital Communication Design


DigDeep T-Shirt Design

Momentum Event Poster Design

L.J.O All Aspects

I originally got this job as a builder, while we were clearing out an attic for it to be renevated I had a conversation with the boss. I explained to him what my goals were for my career as a designer and later on that evening after work, he called me and explained to me he would want me to design him a few things. This included a new logo and a huge 2m x 1m banner that would be clamped to the scaffolding of the construction.

Project Click

My first solely design related job is at Project Click. I thorougly enjoy my time working and designing under Project Click and I have acquired endless skills. From working with clients to design layout to wordpress formatted websites I feel like I have bettered myself in every aspect here.

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